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Classification and characteristics of heat exchangers
The dividing wall heat exchanger is the most common in the heat exchanger market. Its main principle is to effectively separate multiple fluids at different temperatures to ensure that it can flow quickly in the dividing wall space. And using the interface function, through the heat conduction and convection methods, it is realized that a variety of different temperature fluids can complete heat exchange under certain conditions. The main structural forms of the partition wall heat exchanger mainly include jacket type, spray type, immersion type, plate type and shell-and-tube type. It is very extensive in terms of market sales and applications, and is currently the most widely used heat exchanger.
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The role and application of heat exchanger in chemical process production
The most typical role of the heat exchanger in the application process is to achieve heat conduction control and ensure the uniformity of heat transfer. As far as the function of the equipment is concerned, in most cases, the individual with more heat produced by the product is transferred to the lower individual, so as to maintain the control stability of the production process and the uniformity of heat.
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Understand the types and grades of waste heat, and make good use of waste heat energy
The part of the heat energy released during the production process that can be used is called waste heat, which is also commonly referred to as "waste heat". Waste heat has practical application cases in many industrial productions, and it is scientifically classified as "secondary energy"
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Introduction and classification of heat exchangers
It is suitable for heat exchangers with different media, different working conditions, different temperatures and different pressures, and the structure types are also different. The specific classification of heat exchangers is as follows:
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